Served with garnish.

40- Fish fillet of the day

pan-fried with garlic butter.

41-Grilled salmon

42-Grilled salmon

with Béarnaise sauce.

43- Fish and chips

tempura cod, served with jalapeño aioli, coriander and garnish.

All our burgers are served with coleslaw, ketchup, mayonnaise and “ask for it cooked to order” fries.

44-Black Angus Burger

Black Angus Burger 250gr. with tomato, lettuce, red onion, cheddar cheese and bacon.

45-Iberica Burger

Iberian pork burger 250gr. with grilled chorizo, caramelised onion and Gouda cheese.

46-El Paso Burger

Black Angus Burger 250 gr. with double brie cheese and caramelised onion.

47-Doble Black Angus Burger

Black Angus burger 500 gr. with tomato, lettuce, onion, bacon and double Cheddar cheese.


-Jalapeño (spicy)


-Fried egg
-Jalapeño (spicy)

50-Iberian pork delicacies

crispy grilled.

51-Bull’s tail stew

Spanish style.


with boletus and mushroom sauce.

53-Tenderloin of beef

grilled (choose your sauce).

54-Solomillo Rossini

with goose foie, caramelised onion and port reduction.

55-Sauteed sirloin steak

in hot sauce.

56-Tenderloin of veal


57-Cow stew


58-High loin of Black Angus 100gr

USA Nebraska.

59-Loin steak

of national veal.

60-T-Bone steak

of national veal.

61-Wagyu steak

2 pers. grilled (high infiltration).

62-Chateaubriand of veal

(2 persons-price per person) with portobello mushrooms and grilled vegetables, served with béarnaise sauce.

Sauces to match your meat:

*Bearnaise *Pepper *Mushrooms *Diablo *4 Cheese *Chimichurri *Barbecue *Jalapeños (spicy).

63-Chicken escalope

with chimichurri butter.

64-Pig chops

with barbecue or diablo (spicy) sauce.


Served with wheat tortillas, salad, guacamole sauce, ranchero sauce and sour cream.

65-Cajun Chicken Fajitas

66-Fajita of Hereford beef

67-Fajita vegetarian


Served with rice, black beans, refried beans and topped with cheese and ranchera sauce.

68-Chili with burrito meat

69-Beef or chicken burrito

70-Vegetarian burrito

71-Mac and cheese

72-French fries with skin

73-Baked potato

in 3 cheese sauce.

74-Baked potato

with tuna mayonnaise and chives.

75-Baked potato

with Cheddar and aioli.

76-Red and white cabbage salad

77-Black beans